Bridging the Gap

Join us for a free event this Fall with two incredible speakers, Officer Jermaine Galloway and Karen Williams, MSSW.

Officer Galloway has nearly 20 years of experience in law enforcement and much of that time has been spent focused on combating underage drinking and drug abuse. He is a highly respected and internationally recognized instructor on trends in drug/alcohol culture and enforcement methods.

Karen Williams, MSSW, is known for her amazing ability to explain the latest neuroscience in ways that are easy to remember and applicable in real life. Karen explains the science behind why young people act the way they do and how substance use can affect the developing adolescent brain.

Presentation will be held at Clackamas Community College in the McLoughlin Auditorium from 8am- 12:30pm. Register here!

Parent & Community Member Presentation will be held in the Oregon City High School Auditorium from 5pm-8pm. Dinner will be served from 5pm-6pm. Childcare will be provided. Register here!

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