What you need to know to talk with your child about marijuana

Between marijuana legalization, the normalization in pop culture and new ways of using (edibles, vaporizers, concentrates), it’s becoming more complicated for parents to talk to their teens.

So where do you start, and what should you say? We are here to help.

Helpline Chat

When you’re searching for help, knowing who to talk to can be challenging. Partnership for Drug-Free Kids provides a safe, private, and easy to use help line for parents and guardians who need help. Click here to learn more!

Marijuana Talk Kit from The Partnership for Drug-Free Kids

Need some help getting started? Download this talk kit to get facts on marijuana, ways to talk to your child, what you should and shouldn’t say, and how to respond to questions.

Why is it a big deal if my teen smokes pot? Listen in on a discussion to give you a better idea!

Stay original, be yourself, and live above the influence

There are many influences in young people’s lives, talking to them about staying above the negative ones is important. Read some great information on that here.

Talk with young people early and often about the dangers of underage drinking.

Too Smart To Start is a great resource for information on underage drinking for youth and adults alike!

Check out the teen section of this website here, with fun games and quizzes for your teen to participate in

More Tools & Resources

Together, we can make a difference

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