Through a gracious grant from Oregon City’s Enhancement Program, we are continuing our work to increase awareness around the dangers of Fentanyl. This year, the students from Oregon City High School created a marketing campaign to include a website, a documentary, and social media assets to increase student’s knowledge so they will KNOW THE RISK. These students want you to know, ANYONE can come in contact with fentanyl. Know the risk and save the lives of K-12 students! Click the graphic below to learn more about the awesome work from these student leaders.

We are also hosting a Community Forum on Fentanyl again this year with local affected families, law enforcement officials, behavioral & public health experts, prevention experts, and more.

Please plan on joining us for this important event! We are offering this year’s event in person at the Oregon City Police Department and via Zoom. Please click below to reserve your seats and stay tuned for more about the campaign!

The New Drug Talk

Connect to Protect

Obtaining deadly Fake pills/Fentanyl shouldn’t be as easy as ordering a pizza. Our youth are being targeted on social media to buy what they think is a prescription grade pill to help them with the stress or physical pain they are feeling. Unfortunately, the majority of the time, it’s a pill that’s laced with deadly fentanyl.
If you’re thinking, ‘not my kid’, please know that the drug landscape is much different today. The solution is to connect with our youth and make sure they understand the reality of today’s culture so we make sure it’s ‘not your kid’.

Gone are the days where teens can safely experiment with drugs. Lethal, illicit fentanyl is present in about 60% of all fake pills that are readily available on social media or at the local park. Fentanyl is a huge problem for Clackamas County and Oregon City.

Please check out these resources for education, free tools, and expert advice to help families in Oregon connect and stay safe.