Drugs like marijuana, alcohol and tobacco are chemicals. And they act like chemicals in your body. Don’t be used by the marijuana and tobacco companies when they lie and say their products are safe and organic. Get the facts!

You may sometimes wonder but adult brains really are fully developed. Yours, not so much.

In fact, the human brain does not fully develop until you are around 25. So . . . everything you do now can affect your brain.

Learning a new skill, such as playing a guitar, can strengthen connections between your brain’s neurons and help improve hand-eye coordination. But using drugs, like marijuana and alcohol, can hijack normal brain development. It can cause your brain’s wiring to not connect as it should, thus your brain may not develop to its full potential.

And because your brain is still developing, you have a much higher risk of becoming addicted than adults with already-developed brains. The younger a person is when they begin using drugs, the more likely they are to become addicted. Most adults struggling with addiction began using before age 18. Just ask any adult you know who is trying to quit smoking for the umpteenth time!

Design poster with harvest, fall or Halloween illustration that conveys risk of drug use. Here are examples.

Design art to go with your theme. Make it reflect your unique style.

Poster artwork needs to be on size 8 ½ by 11 or size 11 by 17 sheet of paper or poster board. Nothing smaller. Nothing larger.

Any medium can be used — paint, crayons, felt tip markers, pencils, ink, pastels … whatever you have on hand.

Poster must include a message about the risks of youth using drugs like marijuana or alcohol.

Images must reflect Halloween or fall themes.