Minutes for August Meeting

Present:  Carol Kemhus (Optimist Club/Mt. Pleasant Elementary), Patty Brown (Rivercrest Neighborhood), Cyndi Borgmeier (OCSD), Amanda Takish (Northwest Family Services), Bobby Vickery (National Guard Counterdrug), Amber Cordry-Martinez (National Guard Counterdrug), Carol Sanders (OCSD), Doug Neeley (Mayor), Deb Hodges (National Guard Family Programs), Jen Forsman (Northwest Family Services), Robyn Morrison (Genesis of Hope), Gerry Hill (United Methodist), Lisa Normand (Eastham School), Cathy Poppen (Oregon City Schools Foundation), Elizabeth Russell (OCT Coordinator)

Draft of leadership structure was shared
Doug Neeley suggested we have a sub-group that included parent education as well as resources and support for parents to access.

Purpose of the steering committee was reviewed
–       This group will make business decisions so that the entire whole group can focus on actions and education.
–       Steering committee will meet every month
–       General membership will meet every other month

Bylaws and Steering Committee:  Bylaws will be sent out to all to review.  Please be ready to discuss and approve at the next meeting.
Steering Committee – self-nomination or anonymous nomination process.  Anyone who is interested in participating on the steering committee please contact Elizabeth by August 31, 2011.

Coalition Meeting Norms agreed upon:

  1. State the intention of coalition (vision/mission)
  2. Start on time and end on time.
  3. Inclusion of all voices (step forward/fall back)
  4. Come prepared, be present, and follow through.
  5. Collaborate and disagree with respect.
  6. Honor agenda

Community Health Fair:

  • Gerry Hill agreed to coordinate this event.
  • Carol Sanders, Carol Kehmus, Cyndi Borgmeier, Elizabeth Russell, and Cathy Poppen will work with Gerry on this event.
  • A committee meeting is set for August 24th, 10:00 AM at Eastham, Room 216
  • This group will combine the Family Dinner Day, September 26 campaign.

Family Dinner Day, September 26:
This is a campaign that encourages families to have dinner together.  Research by The National Center on Addiction and Substance Abuse (CASA) at Columbia University has consistently found that the more often kids eat dinner with their families, the less likely they are to smoke, drink or use drugs.
There is a desire to pass out materials on this.  Recommendations for delivering the message:
Parent clubs, concert in the park, restaurants, Cub Scouts, churches, Heath Fair, Grocery stores, Schools,….

Window Cling Campaign
This is a county campaign and Elizabeth will be asking for volunteers to work on this later.  One goal is to have youth involved in this event.
The Sticker Shock Campaign was designed in Pennsylvania in 1998 to reach adults who might purchase alcohol legally and provide it to minors.  Stickers warning about the penalties for furnishing alcohol to minors were placed on all multi-packs of beer, wine coolers, and other alcohol products that might appeal to underage drinkers.  The impact of the stickers is increased by media coverage of the event and by longer-lasting window clings to be displayed by participating retailers.
T. Sgt. Bobby Vickery presented on the Oregon National Guard Counter Drug Program.
Programs he shared:
Guard Adventure, Mentor 101, Stay on Track, Red Ribbon Events, Summer Camp
Guard Adventure is in the process of becoming evidence based program. It is a middle school program.  It is currently being done in 7th grade Health classes.
Mentor 101 – Teaches mentors about the one on one relationship (this is for groups that already have mentoring programs in place)
Stay on Track – This is already an evidence-based program.  It is a sit down with books (6, 7, and 8th grade curriculum)
Red Ribbon Events – Some things that they can do: Helicopter can land at the school; bring in a Humvee, Guest Speaker, Consultation and more
Summer Camp – is being planned at this time for next summer.
Next Meeting: To Be Determined, pending a survey of membership for available days and times.

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