Spring Transitions Fair!

2016 Spring ForumAs you know, the years between 5th and 9th grades can be awkward and confusing.  Change doesn’t always come easily, and it helps to have some support along the way.
Join us for this free event with food, fun & prizes AND a face-off between Gardiner & Ogden schools!  Let’s see which school can turn out the most attendance… whoever has the most students show up will have the privilege of carrying out a Vice Principal silly-string assault.
Free hot dogs, cotton candy and prizes! Come hear Gardiner’s Jazz Band & visit the Photo Booth. We have 15 different mini-sessions for you to choose from — interesting to students and parents alike.
See some of the amazing sessions we have in store for you… here is a sneak-peek at the evening’s schedule:  Transitions Fair Sessions 2016
Please register in advance so we know that we that we will see the wonderful you!
Click on the image above, or this link to register.

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