Substance Abuse Support
Name Contact Description
Alateen/Alanon 1.800.344.2666
Alcohol and Drug Helpline 1.877.553.TEEN (8336)
Narcotics Anonymous 503.393.7281/800.766.2437
American Diagnostics Corporation 503.981.9091
Bridgeway 503.981.5265/503.363.2021
LifeWorks Northwest 503.690.9010 Provides a sliding scale of rates
Social Emotional Learning Resources
InsideSEL Offers numerous resources to the community for Social Emotional Learning for adults and kids to support your well being during COVID.
SEL for Parents English:
Social Emotional Learning support video for parents to assist with you and your kids well being. Offered in English and Spanish.
Child Mind Institute This site has a treasure trove of articles, tips, videos, and other resources to support you and your family in everything from self-care to substance abuse. This link takes you to their mindfulness page. Feel free to explore other topics on their site as well. This site contains resources for all ages of kids plus adults.
Running Upriver This site also has many resources regarding mindfulness and self-regulation. This is geared more towards elementary aged children.
We hear families are also looking for ways to supplement their children’s education with the reduction of traditional electives. Here is a list of resources that should be easy and fun for your kids, and you.
Music Resources
Name Site Description
Youth Music Project (West Linn) YMP is a music studio that focuses on only music development for kids and has fun individual and group classes.
Happy Valley Arts Academy Happy Valley Arts Academy has an award winning music development program for kids including individual and group lessons in a variety of instruments.
Harmony Road Music Center (Oregon City) Your kid can get music lessons right here in Oregon City, whether it is singing lessons, piano, guitar and more.
Park Place Music Academy (Oregon City) Your kid can get music lessons right here in Oregon City, whether it is singing lessons, piano, guitar and more.
Art Resources
Name Site Description
Willamette Falls Studios (Oregon City) Did you know we have a media center right here in Oregon City where your family can learn media skills, take classes, record podcasts and even hire a film crew.

They offer workshops and classes for all ages. It is a perfect creative outlet for you and your kids after a long day on the computer.

Clackamas County Arts Alliance (County) We are lucky to have another great artistic outlet in Clackamas County with the Clackamas County Arts Alliance.

They offer youth art programs, public art programs, video production classes, workshops and more.

One River School (Lake Oswego) One River Art School offers a variety of digital and print are classes virtually or in person.
Green Tree Art Studio (Lake Oswego) Green Tree Art Stuido is a creative space offering classes in ceramics, painting and drawing.
Ceramicafe (Clackamas) Ceramic paining, parties, and events are available for fun projects at Ceramicafe.
Dance Resources
Name Site Description
Dance Vision (Oregon City) Dance classes and teams are available right here in Oregon City. at Dance Vision.
Maralees’ Dance Production (Oregon City) Dance classes and teams are available right here in Oregon City through Maralees’ Dance Production..
Studio One Dance Academy (Milwaukee) Studio One is offering in person dance classes.
Lake Oswego Academy of Dance (Lake Oswego) LOAD is offering virtual dance classes and small semi-private dance lessons.
Online General Resources
Name Site Description
Outschool Outschool has thousands and thousands of educational and fun resources available for a low cost. Classes can meet one time or multiple times. They also have special interest clubs that meet regularly.
Varsity Tutors Varsity Tutors has free to low cost curriculums on a variety of subjects. They offer homework support tools and tutors as well.They also are offering more and more master type classes by leading experts and celebrities in many areas.

One of the things we most hear from parents is they are not sure how to support their students’ in distance education.

This list includes a variety of resources for help on parenting topics, media resources, and apps and Facebook groups for learning pods.

General Support Resources for Parents
Name Site Description
Oregon City Together Oregon City Together is offering middle school after-school gatherings this Fall! They are on Thursdays, free, and transportation can be arranged if needed. They also offer many other resources and events for families.
Oregon City School District family communication This is your 1 stop shop for all communication from the school district to the families about plans, schedules, school-based resources and more!
Clackamas Parenting Together Clackamas Parenting Together offer an extensive amount of local resources and virtual events to support parents and children. They offer many programs in Spanish and English. They also have an extensive resource list on their site that you can access for even more ideas on how to support your family.
NW Family Services NW Family Services is offering a 12 week program on parenting during these times of everything being virtual. This program also satisifies court mandated parenting class requirements.
Connect Oregon Students Connect Oregon Students was started by students in Salem and is Oregon wide now. It offers free peer tutoring and support in a variety of subjects.
Parenting Education Pods and Facebook Groups
Name Site Description (optional)
Nest Meet Nest Meet is a Portland Metro area web based app that will help you find families with similar needs for forming learning pods, tutoring, studying and doing social activities together. You enter a profile and the app suggests matches.
Holcomb Elementary Connect and Support This is a Facebook group for families connected to the Holcomb elementary school.
Jennings Lodge/Candy Lane Distance Learning This is a Facebook group for families connected to the Jennings Lodge and Candy Lane schools.
OCSD Fully Virtual Program support group This is a Facebook group for families doing the fully online program for the 20-21 school year.
Safe Media/Distance Education Resources
Name Site Description
Netsmartz for Kids
Common Sense Media
Education Reimagined
Technology Support
Name Site Description
School district technology support The one stop shop for finding all resources for help with your kid’s technology during the school year.
Request a Chrombook from the school district This document contains all the information you need to acquire a Chromebook from the school district.
Comcast Internet Essentials Comcast has a program for low-income families to obtain the internet they need to support their kid’s education for 9.95 a month. The 1st 2 months maybe free as well.
Google Junior Training Series This series offers 1-2 minute videos for kids to learn how to manage their Google email, calendar, folders, and classroom. These videos could be really helpful for parents as well.
Tech Toolkit for Families and Gaurdians A series of You Tube videos to assist with using Chrome books, Google Classroom and more.

Recreational activities are important to youth wellbeing and give a much-needed outlet outside of school. Research has shown that lack of physical and mental activity outside of academics leads to an increase in depression and anxiety.

This list includes local and surrounding area activities.

Oregon City Based Activities and Classes
Name Site Description
Wacker Performance Horses Horse riding lessons
Amethyst Performance Horses Horse riding lessons
Venture Farm Horse riding lessons
Ireland’s ATA Tae Kwon Do classes and competitions
eNRG Kayaking Kayaking lessons and rentals
Geeks n Games Table top family games, arts, educational events, and many fun events. Geeks n Games has also provided a video explaining more about what they have to offer to your family. Check it out here xxxx
Trails End Golf Center Golf lessons for youth and adults
OC Cheer and Dance Sideline and competitive cheer
Oregon City Community Education (OCCE) Variety of adult and youth recreational opportunities
D.C. Latourette Tennis Courts D.C. Latourette is a local park with tennis and basketball courts available for use.
Elk Rock Yoga
Area Activities and Classes outside of Oregon City
Name Site Description
Thunder Elite (Clackamas) Cheer, tumbling and homeschool PE
Precision Elite Gymnastics (Clackamas) Gymnastics and homeschool PE
Sah -Hah – Lee Golf (Clackamas) Golf lessons, driving range and minature golf
Revolution Parkour (Tualatin) Parkour classes and homeschooling PE
Redline Athletics (Clackamas) Sports skills training (baseball, football, soccer, lacrosse, volleyball, track and field, tennis)
The Children’s Course (Gladstone) Youth golf course including programs for girls, adaptive needs, and PGA Jrs
Metro Baseball Academy (Clackamas) Club baseball program for players, ages 10 through 14, aimed at players looking to participate in competitive baseball
Elk Rock Yoga (Milwaukee) Online yoga classes and Self-Care Sunday session.
Outdoor Recreation – Oregon City
Name Site Description
Hillendale Park
Chapin Park
Canemah Bluff Nature Park
Rivercrest Park
Wesley Lynn Park
Barclay Hills Park
Clackamette Park
Municipal Elevator
Hopkins Demonstration Forest
Oregon Trail Interpretive Center
Willamette Falls
Oregon City Park District
Clackamas County Drive In Info at Canby 8 (503) 266-8488 $25.00 a car and tickets will be sold at Canby Cinema 8.Move start at 9PM
Oregon City Parks Movie in the Parking Lot $45 per car and line up starts at 6:00 located at the St. John’s Apostle Church
Some families might need to supplement their kids curriculum because they need extra support for math, science, reading, etc. Other families that are homeschooling might need help with some specific subjects.
With most education being online, the good news is there a lot of educational resources available.
General Resources
Name Site Description
Outschool Outschool has thousands and thousands of educational and fun resources available for a low cost. Classes can meet one time or multiple times. They also have special interest clubs that meet regularly.
Varsity Tutors Varsity Tutors has free to low cost curriculums on a variety of subjects. They offer homework support tools and tutors as well. They are currently adding classes taught by leading experts and celebrities.
Oregon City School District Distance Education The school district has a page dedicated to all the information you need and various resources for completing distance education
Your school’s site and teachers Teachers and your specific school site are one of your best sources of educational tools. They can recommend resources and often have log-ins for many online resources that would otherwise cost to access.
AntFarm AntFarm is a baker, cafe, community and youth services center based in Sandy. They offer job skills development, community outreach, education about growing food and sustainability, and an arts program.
Name Site Description
Reflex Reflex build math fluency through games and repitition. Many district schools use Reflex and will likely have log-ins so contact your local school.
Khan Academy Khan Academy has hundreds of vdeos and quizzes on many K-12 subjects. Best of all it is entierly free.
Mathnasium (West Linn) Mathnasium offers distance learning and in-person math tutoring options. They offer a free trial.
Name Site/Contact Description
Oregon City Library
Oregon City Public Library offers free e-books and digital audiobooks, no-contact hold pickups for physical books, personalized book recommendations, and virtual events for Clackamas County residents. The library recently announced they are rolling out a new digital picture book collection called Bookflix. The library also has a lot of virtual educational and fun programs for your family. If you haven’t visited their site recently – check it out there are lots of updates.
Friends of the Library Friends of the Library offers very affordable books cards for sale to support the OC library. They are currently accepting donations and looking for volunteers.
Clackamas Bookshelf The Clackamas Bookshelf distributes books to local schools. Contact them for donations and sales.
White Rabbit Gifts White Rabbit is a local business that offers online ordering, in store pick-up, and free delivery to the Oregon City area. They host special events and book club discussions.
Laurie’s Paperback Exchange 503.655.6586 Buy or exchange books at Laurie’s. They also offer puzzles and coloring books.
Name Site/Contact Description
Kids Club Online Spanish School An online Spanish program for kids 5-13 years old taught by native speakers that are certified teachers.
Food Insecurity
Name Site Description
Oregon City School District free and reduced lunch program The school district is continuing their program of offering free and reduced lunches for drop-off or pick-up at your nearest school.
Pioneer Pantry Pioneer Pantry is another program through the school district that offers a backpack of food to students to take home for food. The program is working with the district to deliver food. Reach out to them if you need food resources.
HOPE Oregon City HOPE is a network of food pantries in Oregon City, your one stop shop to discover information about all the food pantry resources in Oregon City.
Homelessness and Housing Support
Name Site Description
Father’s Heart Father’s Heart provides many services to those experiencing homelessness and addiction. They offer food, clothing, counseling, and a place to go. They are Oregon City’s primary resource for those experiencing homelessness.
Love One Laundry Love One Laundry is a group of love-driven community members committed to serving Clackamas County neighbors in need on a regular basis providing clean laundry, showers, meals, personal care resources, and connections.
AntFarm Ant Farm has resources for rent relief, utilties, internet and more for those impacted by COVID
McKinney-Vento Homeless Program The Oregon City School district has a homeless liasion to assist homeless families and students to assist students with their rights to education and help remove barriers to continuing education. They also provide referrals to other programs and resources that can assist your family.
County housing resource programs Clackamas county has 2 programs to assist those experiencing housing insecurity. The Housing Rights and Resources Center works with tenants and landlords to protect and educate citizens on housing rights. Rent Well helps people who are homeless or at risk of homelessness find and keep housing.
Clothing, Shoes, and Household Goods
Name Site/Contact Description (optional)
Bloomin Boutique (Oregon City) Bloomin’ Boutique is a non-profit organization dedicated to giving a hand up by providing new clothing, shoes, bedding and personal care items to foster and underprivileged children.
Father’s Heart See description above
PTA Clothes Closet of Clackamas County Housed in the Barclay building in Oregon City the Clothes Closet offers clothing, coats, shoes and other personal items to school aged children in our community. This program is open to families who have been identified by their school as in need of assistance. It is open to all school districts throughout Clackamas County.
Oregon City Resourc Center Clothes Closet If you need clothing or school supplies you might find what you need at the Oregon City Resource Center Clothes Closet. Available by appointment only.
Comcast for Familes recieving SNAP benefits Internet Essentials from Comcast brings affordable, high-speed Internet to your home so you can have greater access to homework, job opportunities, healthcare and benefits, education resources and more.
Reduced Cost Chromebooks

Childcare is very, very important for many families with their children not returning to a school building. We have done our best to put together a list of services we could find.

Please always contact the the listed resource directly for the latest on availability as it can change frequently.

Local Services
Name Site Description (optional)
Oregon City Early Childhood Education Offering pre-school year round. Offering some school age child care and educational support during the Fall.
YMCA Clackamas Community College Offering pre-school year round. Offering some school age child care and educational support during the Fall to essential workers and current YMCA members.
After the Bell OCCE The school district’s After the Bell program is offering a K-5 Enrichment Care program to assist families! Visit the site for more details, all their contact information, a video of their parent information session.
Kindercare West Linn The Kindercare is West Linn is offering distance learning support for elementary kids during the day. They will help make sure they are logging in, staying on track, and getting needed mental and physical breaks.
Oregon City Day School Oregon City Day School offers programs from 6 weeks through 5th grade.
Rivendell Kids Rivendell Kids is play based childcare center. It is also offering a program to support distance learning for children 5-10.
Referral Services
Name Site Description (optional)
Child Care Resource and Referral Child Care Resources and Referrals helps you search for child care. The site also helps you with finding resources to pay for childcare, for understanding safety requirements in the time of COVID, and several other child care related topics.
211 211 is your go to resource for finding referrals to child care in your area.
Note: Some churches might be offering programs for local school age children. Please reach out to your church directly to inquire.
BIPOC Resources
Name Site Description (optional)
Netflix Bookmark: Celebrating Black Voices Netflix has a great series where celebrity readers share children’s books by Black authors to spark kid-friendly conversations about empathy, equality, self-love and antiracism.
Woke Home School Woke Homeschooling is a new 38 week program of curriculum and lessons centering around African American history.
Black United Fund of Oregon (Portland) The mission of the Black United Fund of Oregon is to assist in the social and economic development of Oregon’s underserved communities and to contribute to a broader understanding of ethinic anc culturally diverse groups.
Campus Connect of Oregon Campus Compact of Oregon convenes and supports the work of educational institutions individually and collectively to improve their practice around institutional equity, collaborative learning, and community engagement to respond effectively to a racially diverse and changing Oregon
Black Lives Matter PDX Portland Metro area chapter of Black Lives Matter
The BIPOC Project (national) The BIPOC Project aims to build authentic and lasting solidarity among Black, Indigenous and People of Color (BIPOC), in order to undo Native invisibility, anti-Blackness, dismantle white supremacy and advance racial justice.
LGBTQ Resources
Name Site Description (optional)
The Living Room (Oregon City) The Living Room is a safe haven for LGBTQ+ youth in Clackamas County. Current programming includes a weekly virtual drop in on Thursdays from 4-8pm, individual peer support, youth leadership opportunities, school support, and community education.
Beavercrekk United Church of Christ (Oregon City) 503-593-2338
Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Willamette Falls (Oregon City)
Sexual and Gender Minority Youth Resource Center (Portland) SMYRC provides a safe, supervised, harassment-free space for sexual and gender minority youth ages 13-23 who participate in positive activities like art, music, community organizing, open mic nights, drag shows, and support groups and receive services including case management, counseling, education, and more.
Q Center (Portland) The Q Center’s mission is to provide safe spaces, community building and empowerment for the positive transformation of LGBTQ2SIA+ communities and allies in the Pacific Northwest.
The Trevor Project (National) The Trevor Project specializes in mental health counseling and support for LGBTQ youth.
NATIONAL QUEER AND TRANS THERAPISTS OF COLOR NETWORK This site provides a referral service of therapists that specialize in support the LGBTQ community of color.
Human Rights Campaign (Portland) The Human Rights Project works on legislation and with government to ensure consistent legal protections, equity, and rights for the LBTQ community across the state.

Sometimes you just need something fun and easy to do as a family after being home so much together. Here are a few ideas.

Free fruit @Fred Meyer’s and Safeway
Family meal @ Lil Cooperstown
Free birthday coffee @ Dutch Bros
Free dog treats@ Dutch Bros
All day Happy Hour on Sundays @ OC Bugatti’s
Kids Eat free on Sundays @ The Verdict
Kids’ Hot chocolate @ Coffee Rush
Soft serve cones for $.99 @ Mike’s Drive In

Service Projects
Name Site Description (optional)
Anti-Defamation League’s “No Place for Hate” Check with your child’s school to see how to get invovled into this program to make schools safe and welcoming places.
Love One Laundry In-person monthy volunteer and donation opportunities to benefit houseless neighbors.
Bloomin’ Boutique In person and donation volunteer opportunities to provide new clothing and supplies to children in need.
SOLVE Opportunities to clean up local natural areas.
Pioneer Pantry Accepting non-pershiable food items to benefit local families.
Clackamas Bookshelf In person and donation opportunities to support getting new and used books out to the communitty.
Buliding Blocks 4 ids Holiday Adopt-A-Family program available along with other programs
Angels in the Outfield Accepting donations to help children impacted by abuse or crime

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