The 4 Rs of Youth Mental Health —  A Mental Health campaign created by the students of Oregon City Service Learning Academy, in conjunction with Oregon City Together, and made possible by a grant from Oregon City Police Department’s Youth Opioid Prevention Grant.

The student leaders at OCSLA spent time discussing the mental health challenges facing them and their peers. They thoughtfully created these ideas to help promote youth mental health — the 4 Rs of Youth Mental Health, including a billboard, social media campaign, posters, stickers, and a film series.



Respect: It starts with YOURSELF

If it doesn’t go both ways, it’s not respect

Self-awareness is key to self-respect

Don’t listen to gossip; talk to the person directly

Disagreements do NOT have to turn into fights


Say something nice to yourself

Say something nice to somebody who’s struggling

Write out your feelings instead of yelling it in someone’s face

Find an activity that calms you – eat, talk to a friend, draw, pet an animal


Reflect and learn and grow

Offer yourself compassion – we all make mistakes

Realize that everyone struggles with negative self-talk sometimes

Focus on improving the situation instead of assuming you’re broken

When the situation is over, let it go


It doesn’t have to be friendly, but it has to be safe

Stay in your lane

Hold your boundaries, but be respectful 

There doesn’t have to be a winner

If you feed on the drama, you are part of the problem

You are also invited to our Youth Mental Health Film Series and campaign kick-off! Click HERE (or below) to make  your reservations for Angst Film Showing (4/16)  and Suicide: The Ripple Effect Showing (4/30). Please join us to show your support for these young people!

If you need more information and resources about youth mental health, click HERE  (or below)